This is not a love story

this is a story about love

Wayne and Garth 09/28/2010

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It’s 11pm on a Monday night, and I am searching hopelessly for a tiny heart sticker amidst the clutter and chaos that encompasses a 19 year old girl’s dorm room. I’m throwing clothes, shuffling papers and overturning furniture. I am on the hunt for this sticker, because it is part of a bigger picture. The sticker itself is of no importance to me, but it’s the art of winning that I am after. My roommate and I have started a game; not just any game, a game of epic proportion with no end in sight. We got a sticker one day in a happy meal and my roommate stuck it on one my speakers in our kitchen. It wasn’t until she’d left the house that I discovered it, removing it and plucking it onto her light switch. A couple days later I was rummaging through my purse, when I found the sticker cleverly stuck onto my wallet, and thus a game was born. It has become the household’s biggest challenge; finding a new overtly obvious yet inconspicuous place in the others room to hide this little heart.

However, this game would not have been possible last year. It was my first year, and I was living with a stranger; a real prize of a girl who, let’s face it, made me question why I ever left home in the first place. But this year is different, way different. It’s second year, I know the ropes, I’ve done it all before, but this time, I’m living with my best friend. That is exactly what this blog will be about, the trials and tribulations of two best friends living alone and together for the first time. We’re both 19 year old girls who met last year within our program at UOIT. Two girls so similar it’s scary, yet different enough to make this year a fun one. I am a fairly anal retentive clean freak, she a slightly sloppy easy going gal. We both have a soft spot for microwave popcorn and Kraft Dinner, my closet stuffed to the brim with clothes and accessories, hers a little on the sparse side with a few basic pieces. The walls of my room are littered with posters and pictures while hers remain relatively bare. Yet somehow we play off of our differences making a dynamic duo that cannot be stopped. Not to say that we won’t but heads and have our problems, because this is not a love story, this is a story about love, and how to live with it.

The Wayne to my Garth


One Response to “Wayne and Garth”

  1. dropseagull Says:

    Some sentences seemed a little run-on with a high amount of commas being used. Overall I enjoyed the wholesomeness of the so called “not-a-lovestory”. 4/5

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