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Chandler and Joey 11/29/2010

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It can be said that the biggest test of a friendship is living together. Cohabitation is known to be a make it or break it situation, ultimately causing a change to your relationship. The transition from best friend to roommate can be a tricky one and bring about a plethora of problems you never knew existed. I live with my best friend this year, and it has impacted our friendship greatly.

The upside of living with a friend is you usually know a fair bit about them, and enjoy their company. Living with someone who has common interests isn’t a necessity, but it sure does help. I love trashy MTV shows, and so does my best friend. It makes it easier to live with one another when we can enjoy the same things. Sharing a space with someone who knows exactly the way you act and what kind of person you are is a comfort. I know that when I get too bored, I start to act a little nutty, and my roommate/best friend not only accepts it, but usually joins in on the fun. Trust is a vital part of living with someone, and a best friend can be the most trusted confidant in your life. I knew my belongings and safety wouldn’t be in jeopardy with her as a roommate. Sharing the same group of friends as your roommate can be a great asset, as you needn’t worry about what kind of people your roommate is bringing over.

That being said, the downside to a best friend roommate can be spending every moment of every day with one another is known to get a little bit overwhelming. When you live together and share the same group of friends you literally eat, sleep and do everything else together. Sometimes it’s harder to say no to someone you love. When you’re a starving student, every box of Kraft Dinner is a vital part of survival. When you care about someone, of course you share with them, but it’s easier to look the other way when all of a sudden you’ve only eaten one of the 12 boxes that were in the cupboard. Sometimes little habits aren’t a problem within the friendship until you live together. I am very tidy by nature, and my best friend, God love her, is not. It’s easy to let something little like a popcorn bowl not being washed the moment after it’s finished being used get under your skin, but harder to mention it when you’re good friends.

For me, living with my best friend was the smartest move I ever made. It comes down to the simple fact that every day I come home to someone who truly cares about me, and all the dirty dishes and stolen food aside, my best friend is the best roommate I could ever have.